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Bathroom Remodeling Tulsa

Whether you are considering a bathroom remodel to simply update an outdated space, or you want to create a spa-like retreat in your home, Remodels of Tulsa can guide you through the process. Our team is experienced with both large and small scale projects. To get started we will discuss the reason for your remodel. If your current space is not working for you and you are thinking about changing the layout or expanding the space, we can talk about all the details of a project of that size. If you are keeping the existing footprint, but want an update, we can discuss the materials you can choose for style and durability.


Selecting the right vanity for your bathroom remodel includes many factors beyond aesthetics. Counter space, raised height, storage and dual sinks are common requests homeowners ask for during remodels. Vanities are available in both stock styles that are budget-friendly and attractive as well as custom options that can be personalized to your storage needs. After selecting the details, countertops, faucets and mirrors are an essential part of completing the space.

Showers have become the focal point of many bath remodels. The choice of materials allows for a custom appearance. There are full sheet products, tile installations and preformed models to consider. Each will have its own benefits, durability and maintenance to evaluate beyond the style it provides. The shower you select can be personalized with a designer showerhead or even multiple sprayers for a spa-like experience. Doors can complete the installation of a new shower, from frameless styles to more traditional choices with metal that can coordinate with hardware and fixtures.

From offering a place to easily bathe children to doubling as a shower space to luxurious jetted options for relaxing, tubs can be an essential element of a bath remodel. Selecting the model of tub that fits in your space and design is beyond the aesthetics. Defining all the purposes of a tub is important. Some tubs can be dedicating to soaking while others must be more multipurpose and also serve as a shower. When you are re-configuring a space, where to place the tub is an important part of the discussion to have.

If you are considering a bathroom remodel, contact our team today. This investment in your home is much more than colors and simple updates. We can guide you through the process, from design through selection of quality materials. From there ask how our craftsmanship will be a part of your project.

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