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Common Reasons Homeowners Need Drywall Repair

July 20, 2015

Once your home is complete, drywall is one item you probably don’t think much about, and in most cases, besides changing paint colors you probably won’t need to. However, there are a few reasons that you may find yourself in need of drywall repair. While it may seem like a simple DIY fix, calling in the experts can prevent obvious patches and incorrect installation. Some examples of projects you may need an expert for are:

Addressing the impact of settlement cracks

Settlement cracks can make a home appear damaged even if it is not. After verifying there is no underlying structural issue, drywall repair can begin. Working with a contractor who takes the time to focus on every detail of the installation can leave your home looking better than ever.

Repairing holes or other damage

While small holes can be easily patched, larger jobs such as those where walls were opened to fix plumbing or electrical, or several sheets need to be replaced can be daunting to repair. It is important to match the texture of the existing space so the repairs can blend in, and also focus on minimizing the seam.

Replace drywall exposed to moisture

A broken pipe, a leaky faucet or an overflowing tub can cause damage beyond the flooring. If sections of the walls of your home have been exposed to excess moisture, replacing those sections can prevent mold from forming in the affected area. For the drywall novice, replacing sections can almost be more difficult then working with a complete tear out. A professional can make sure the drywall repair completed is not noticeable once it is primed and painted.

The team at Remodels of Tulsa have years of experience helping homeowners repair and restore their home, and transform their current space into the home of their dreams. Whether you have a small drywall repair that you are not confident in tackling, or you need the drywall replaced throughout your home, call on this locally-owned company for quality craftsmanship.

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Common Reasons Homeowners Need Drywall Repair

Once your home is complete, drywall is one item you probably don’t think much about, and in most cases, besides changing paint colors you probab...


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