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4 Ways to Keep Tulsa Home Remodeling Project on Budget and on Time

June 08, 2015

Home remodeling can let you transform your home to better fit the current stage of your life and allow you to enjoy the space again. From small cosmetic updates to layout changes, there are some factors that can help the remodel stay on track, for both budget and time.

  1. Plan for the unexpected. Homeowners often think, if it’s unexpected, how can I plan for it? Not being prepared is both a schedule and budget issue. To address this part of home remodeling, ask the contractor you are working with what are common problems that come up. Then you can have a contingency budget for the project, and a backup plan for using the space until it is complete.
  2. Minimize the revisions. Making the important decisions and the small details up front can keep your home remodeling project on track. Otherwise the more changes you make can harm both your timeline and your budget. Being confident in your choices is a result of proper planning before the project, so take your time exploring the options for the space.
  3. Understand the contract terms. When you bring in a professional for your Tulsa area home remodeling job you will want to make sure you are on the same page about what is included in the estimate for the project. This can protect both parties and reduce the potential for misunderstandings. Being clear on your expectations can also let you get the most accurate quote in the beginning.
  4. Refocus if needed. Refocusing differs from making revisions, instead it is taking a step back when obstacles come up and staying engaged and excited in the process. Remembering why you wanted a home remodel can give you the energy to work through any difficulties. If challenges exceed the contingency budget reminding yourself of the goal can allow you to make any adjustments needed.


The team at Remodels of Tulsa have been helping homeowners turn their current spaces into their dream home by providing quality craftsmanship and exceptional service on each project. Whether you are just beginning to explore options, or you are looking to get started right away with complete plan, working with a professional can be an essential step for staying on both time and budget.

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